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November 24, 2013
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Magus-MAGICUS- Delilah App by Shintai-AB Magus-MAGICUS- Delilah App by Shintai-AB
Name: Delilah Lum
Age: 12 (September 8th)
Height: 4'10

Grade: 7th
Wish: "I wish my hair was super long and healthy and shiny and unbreakable! Uncut-able even!"
Weapon: Scissors

Soul Gem
Gem: Silver casing with blue-violet color gem. Triangles decorate it.
Normal: Silver hair clip with a blue gem on the end
Battle: A comb in the top of her braid.

Incubator: Ruubey
District: III

Earnest. She does her best to do her best in everything that she attempts, even if it’s something she doesn’t really want to do. She’s reliable, and will always try to help others that need it, and also is very giving. She likes to think of herself as everyone’s big sister (though usually she’s younger than classmates and anyone she’s trying to help) and will go well out of her way to make sure others are safe. 
Is what she likes for others to believe. 

Deep down, she’s very selfish and only helps others because “it’s what she should do.” It’s not something she enjoys. She tries so hard because the alternative seems so much worse to her. She also only feigns being religious, as admitting her true beliefs would bring needless conflict within her family. 
She might be a compulsive liar, but she’d never admit it.

If she generally likes someone, she’ll do her best for them, but otherwise, she’s just doing it so that no one will fuss at her.

Delilah comes from a religious family, her father being a deacon in a church they all attend. She has four younger siblings that she looks after, (Cyrus-10, Hannah-8, Jared-6, Tabitha-4.) As the oldest, she has the most responsibility and has to set a good example for them, which her parents constantly remind her of. 

In their family, her parents have forbidden all three (four counting Mom) girls to cut their hair. They’re allowed trims once a year, but any more than that is forbidden “or else.” No one cares to find out what the “else” might be, and just obey quietly. Because of this, Delilah had long, lovely hair that neared her knees, and though she knew that she shouldn’t have been, she was very proud of it and loved styling it in different ways every morning for school. 

One day, she was wearing it in a single braid with a ribbon tied in it, and as she was reading a chapter while English class was going on, the boy that sat behind her decided he would snip it all off. She didn’t notice it at first, but when she stood up to read the whole class gasped. 
Naturally, the boy was given detention, but that really wasn’t enough. She was completely distraught and her mind was racing over what the trouble she would be in was that was sure to come to her. In her desperate fear, she felt she couldn’t go home and instead stayed out all night. Police were called, and she remained hidden, not even that far from her home, just quietly crying. She didn’t show up to school the next day, and instead went to kill time at the boardwalk. There she saw so many lovely things that would have been beautiful to decorate her hair.. If she had any. After more tears started to rear their ugly heads, she took off to hide again. 

It was in her new hiding place that a strange cat found her, and he offered her a wish. Between her blubbering, she managed to say the words she wanted to wish for, and then repeated them louder to be sure. 
In the creation of her soul gem, she lost her consciousness. It was in that state that the police finally found her and took her to the hospital to be looked at. 

When she awoke, her mother and father were both at her bedside. Her father had something in a plastic bag, and rather than looking at her with concern as her mother was, he only looked confused. When Delilah asked him about it, he revealed it to be her hair, then asked what happened. She started to cry again because he had found out, and her mother was gently petting on her, explaining that her hair was still on her head. Delilah couldn’t believe this news, having accepted that the cat with the wish was only a dream. Upon running a hand through her long, longer than ever locks, she seemed a little scared. Her father asked about it again, and she resolved to say “I think God answered my prayer,” knowing that that was the proper thing to say. After stating that, she began to cry again, making her parents not question any further. 

Bullet; Green Separate - With a kick to one blade, she seperates the two blades.
Bullet; Green Boomer-slice - She tosses one or both scissor blades at her opponent and they circle back to her. Not a very accurate attack, and sometimes the blunt side hits instead of the blade.
Bullet; Green Propeller - She moves both blades onto one wrist and starts to spin them like a plane's propeller or helicoptor blades. She then holds the blades out and anything that tries to come near her through them gets sliced to bits.

Bullet; Green Combine - Slamming the two scissor blades together, they join to make a complete set of scissors. There's no screw, they stay together with magic.
Bullet; Green Entrapment - She throws the complete scissors, open, at her opponent in hopes of trapping them between the blades and against a wall. 
If there is no wall, it slams into the target and cuts them a bit, the scissors then fall to the ground.
Bullet; Green Slamming Slicer - After using Entrapment, Delilah rushes to her opponent (which may take a while depending on distance) and jump-kicks the handle of one of the blades, closing the scissors on her target. 
In the time it takes her to get to said target, target may be able to knock the scissors away, wiggle free, or even still attack the weapon/defenseless Delilah. 
Bullet; Green Cutter - While holding the scissors, she tries to snap them shut on whatever she's fighting.

Bullet; Green Queen's Finale - Both scissor blades are thrown high into the air where they grow (growth size depending on how large the enemy is.) Once at the peak height they pause just a moment, then fall blade-down toward the enemy, one falling right behind and beside the other. With the speed gained through their fall, the scissors are easily able to slice through said opponent. Once thrown to the air, the blades cannot change course. 

Bullet; Green Her magic makes her hair always go into the long loose braid when she transforms.
Bullet; Green She also uses magic to do complex hairstyles in the morning, or just style it in general if she sleeps in a bit.
Bullet; Green She can also change her hair color, but only to natural colors. She doesn't do this very often because of her strict parents. 
Bullet; Green She loves My Little Unicorn
Bullet; Green She skipped fifth grade
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empt-minded Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
such cute

Shintai-AB Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
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empt-minded Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Shintai-AB Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
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Jutsei Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
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Jutsei Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
Indeed, very good uvu
MidNightsCastedAngel Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Student General Artist
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omg she loves my little unicorn XD
Shintai-AB Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
She does! 
She so wants plushies for Christmas. 
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